• Receiver Hitches

    Adding a receiver hitch to your Jeep will absolutely increase it's versatility. Not only can you tow a trailer, but you gain access to a wide variety of receiver hitch accessories such as bike racks, cargo racks and recovery hooks. They're easy to install too. A receiver hitch can be installed on any Jeep Wrangler in less than thirty minutes.

    Factory style hitches come with a 2" receiver and most are bolt in applications that also accept just about any kind of towing or rack option. These hitches also mirror the factory towing capacity which is 2,000lbs on a 2dr Wrangler, and 3,500lbs on a 4dr.

  • Towing Hooks
  • Hitch Accessories

    Having a hitch on your Jeep is a great thing. However, without accessory items like a ball mount drop, a hitch ball, pin, or clip, it is just a hitch on the back of your vehicle.

    The right hitch accessory makes all the difference when you plan to tow something behind your Jeep, or even if you are towing your Jeep behind a truck or RV. Items like those ball mount drops will slide into your hitch and then lock in place with a pin and clip. With a ball attachment you are then ready for towing.

  • Electric Harnesses