Whether you're looking to lift your Jeep's suspension to fit bigger tyres, get better off-road performance or simply give it a more aggressive look, we have the right kit for you. With a wide selection from simple lift kits with spacers to complete suspension systems with new control arms, springs, shocks and all the necessary mounts, there is a kit to suit every budget. Many kits are available with a choice of new shocks to allow even greater performance and price customisation.

Before you start buying a new lift kit, first decide what your ultimate goal is for your Jeep. If you simply want to fit a bigger tyre, a simple lift kit will suit your needs perfectly. If you're looking for the best performance both on and off-road, look for a suspension kit with longer or adjustable control arms, or one that includes control arm geometry correction brackets. For the ultimate in off-road performance, look for kits that use bypass or coil-over shocks.

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