Tire Carriers

The spare tyre holder on the tailgate of your Wrangler has been designed exclusively to carry the factory size spare tyre. Before installing larger wheels and tyres, you'll need to consider how you'll be transporting this new, full-size spare. Depending on how large a tyre you need to transport, you can simply use the wheel relocation mount. By moving the mounting location up and away from the tailgate, you will gain the extra clearance between the bumper and tailgate needed to carry the larger spare wheel.

If 35-inch or larger tyres are fitted, the tailgate of your Wrangler may not be able to support the extra weight. If this is the case, heavy-duty tailgate hinge brackets can be used to hold the extra weight securely. The best solution is bumper-mounted spare wheel holders, which are capable of supporting even the heaviest spare wheels.

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